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RAVE: Lord of the Flies

Lord of the Flies is a seriously disturbing book. I didn’t think it would be like that exactly but wow… interesting.


So first of all Ralph got on my nerves. He wants to be the nice guy but keeps acting a total D***** bag and I’m like you can’t have it both ways dude. I do admire how he tries to get everything together and get things in order. For them being all young boys, he really showed some initiative in leadership.

I seriously feel so bad for Piggy. He just wants to have friends and he was trusting Ralph and Ralph totally betrays him! I wish we could have found out Piggy’s real name. Like when I was reading it I thought that Piggy would end up getting a name. But it just stuck. Poor kid… I just want to stick up for him but I’m not in the book so I can’t. Dang books that suck you in! It’s not fair.

Jack pisses me off to no end. He is a jerk. That’s basically all I have to say about him.

Poor Simon… He was just trying to get along on the island and help out.

Ok so the story… I don’t know where to begin. Like the story was good. It has the hold underlying feeling of society keeps things in order and same with laws and regulations and enforcing those laws. It’s really sad how the boys seem to forget how they should behave as time goes on. I mean we all have rules that our parents have given us, and we keep them. And then there are the times when we get to go away by ourselves for something without our parents and we want to try something different. Something our parents wouldn’t exactly like us to do. But you have to try it because you are excited that there are no rules. That’s how these boys feel. So I believe anyways. They are excited that there are no adults and they want to have fun. I can kind of sympathize with them. But at the same time whenever you do that you always go back to what you were taught. Like the whole “parents should rear their children in the right way” or whatever it is. Its habit for us and its all we know so we revert back to what we are taught. It’s just how things work.

Another thing I like about this story is that it kind of puts some awkward situations out there. Like the whole thing with the boys dying and them splitting up. It gives you more of a sense of how it would feel to be in there shoes. Not really but you know what I mean… I think. Like take the death of Simon for example. Simon was killed by all of the boys. Not really on purpose because they were so crazed with the thought of the monster on the island and hunting pigs. The opportunity came and so they took it. Which is a horrible gut retching thought. But how would you have handled that situation? Probably not as well as some of those boys if I were one of them.

Over all good demented story.


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Teanna I told you that “The Lord of the Flies” was not the book to read. F451 was the way to go. Not that it was a good book or anything but I think it was easier to understand and freaking disturbing and mean. I feel very sorry for those little boys being stranded. I also feel bad for the people in F451 because of the absence of books though. Like always great rave.

i felt bad for poor piggy too. oh well i guess someone always has to be the punching bag. good rave

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