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RAVE: The Birds

Well let’s see… I enjoyed the birds. Sure there were some crude parts and all but it was funny and I liked it over all.


Every time I heard the title, The Birds, I started thinking of my cousin. He has turrets and every morning at the exact same time he goes out and yells at the birds. He yells, “Birds stop it. Stop it birds. Birds stop it. Birds.” And so on and so forth. Haha it’s funny and he’s actually a really cool kid.

Anyways! The two main guys, I forget their names…. Something like Pisthetaros and the other guy. Oh well. These two guys who are slumming it anyways, decided they want to go and make their own city where they have to do nothing. And what better way to get their city than trick birds into thinking they will be better than the gods. So they go and meet the Hoopoe who is this crazy old bird man thing with this beautiful bird for a wife. Once they convince him what they are doing is awesome he calls all the birds together and at first they are like why the heck did you bring humans in here. We hate humans. But after flattery and lying through his teeth, Pisthetaros convinces all the other birds that this is going to be the best city ever! Cloud-cookoo-land. (After reading this play I get where that name comes from and everything now.) So they build this city and once things are built and going well everyone decides they want a piece of this city. And Pisthetaros gets mad and starts beating everyone who tries to come and be apart of Cloud-cookoo-land. Which I find hilarious that he says oh something bad is going to happen if you don’t leave soon and they are like what? And he’s like ok told you and starts beating them.

This story is funny how it is supposed to represent Athenians. Like you have the place where you should be happy and all everyone wants to do is get a piece of it themselves to make themselves rich and prosperous. It kind of shows the greed that people have. All they want is more.  Well Pisthetaros is like no this is ours and you can’t have it so back off. As he beats them to a pulp.

Also I think it’s ridiculous how Pisthetaros gets exactly what he wants at the end. He gets all the power just like a god after manipulating and deceiving everyone around him. I don’t even know what happened to the other guy that started off at the beginning with him! Maybe I just missed that part. I don’t know.

I did like this play though. I liked how there was this subtle humor through out it that you had to keep an eye out (or ear out I guess since we were reading) for it or else you would miss it. I do like how the characters would mess around with each other and kind of make fun of each other too. Like gave it some little burns here and there which was entertaining.


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It seems to me that you liked the humours violence that took place between the birds and everyone else. That was pretty sweet. Also, I think that it is crazy too how Pisthetaros gets his way. Glad you enjoyed the play. Gooooood Rave :) ;) :D :/ :} %) :O :> Ha ha

I am soooooo excited you liked the Birds as much as I did! I laughed o hard at some parts! Thanks for the comment to.

Well Teanna I have to agree with you this was a funny play. But what was weird I did not get any true meaning behind this play. Like in other stories that we would read we would want to become better people or change our life because of the message that the story brings. that is how I felt. love the rave though

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