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Dallin and Alex: Called to Serve
I have to give major props to Dallin and Alex for doing this song in class. It really just made this class so much better!

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I love how committed you two are to going on your mission!

thank you for that wonderful comment. i am way pumped to go on my mission. Well Teanna I guess this is what I get for letting you video us. But I guess there really isn't anything better to post.

Oh dallin! you should know that you should be careful with what you let me record. haha and i'm glad i got it on video. p.s. its on youtube too :S cause that's the only way i could get it one here! haha sorry!

Thanks Teanna for posting this, that is so awesome (ha ha). I, like Dallin, am so excited to go on my mission. Thanks for the comment Ms. Lapointe. Last of all, thanks for sining so loud that no one could hear me Dallin; you were great. :)

i really love how you both are so excited to go on missions. like its one of the happiest things for me is that you guys are so excited and willing to go! i just love it :D and i'm glad you enjoyed it :D

This is pretty awesome

So I was pretty empressed with their song. I loved how they used it as a missionary experience.

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