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RAVE: The Tempest
So ‘The Tempest’ was actually pretty good. I mean I couldn’t understand most of it until we talked about it or until I read in on No Fear Shakespeare. I swear without that website I would have been completely lost the entire time!
Ok so the basic story of ‘The Tempest’ is Prospero and his daughter Miranda being sent off to live on this island where a witch was kinda ruling over it. Witch was named Sycorax and she had a son named Caliban. Well when Prospero showed up he killed Sycorax I believe and freed Caliban and Ariel, a sphinx, and made them his slaves for saving them from Sycorax. Well Since Prosperos brother is the one that took over and the one that banished him he wasn’t too happy with his brother. Then one day a ship is passing by and it’s Prospero’s brother and a few other guys that we in power heading back from a wedding of someone who I forget the name of. Anyways! He uses his magical powers and books and makes this storm and puts everyone on different parts of the island so they have no clue where they are and no idea if anyone else is alive. Prospero then takes his brothers son and kinda sets his daughter up with him by making his daughter and his nephew that he doesn’t want them together. Which of course makes them want to see each other even more because what’s forbidden you always want. And plus it helps that he’s the first man other than her father that Miranda has ever seen. So automatically she is like OMG he is freakin hot. So those two kids fall in love and Prospero messes with his brother’s mind a little bit more and finally says hey this is what has been going on.
And one thing that I find really cool about Prospero is that he only takes his revenge by setting their kids up with each other. He doesn’t try to kill his brother or kill anyone really. And he had no intention to kill anyone. And then at the end he says hey we can go back to our land where ever and we’ll be ok just let our kids be in love. And I guess that’s his way of revenge is getting is blood back into the royal court or however you want to say that.
Miranda seems like a dumb blond to me. Maybe its because she hasn’t been anywhere but this island and she doesn’t have really any experience but she just knda bugs me how naive she comes across. And I guess because I don’t believe in this love at first sight business that I just can’t get behind it. And I know it’s just a story but still. Really? I don’t know. Just not a fan of that mushy gushy love stuff.

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I guess I'm sort of the opposite in the way that I love mushy stuff; it's a nice escape from reality for me. :P Unless it's just dumb.

I really liked how Prospero handled his vengeance, too. He showed that he could understand the concept of dealing justice while still being forgiving. He was a pretty cool guy.

Nice rave, Tea :D

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