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RAVE: Hamlet
Ok so when we watch Lion King and Ms. Abel said that Hamlet would be exactly like Lion King I thought it would be better than what it actually turned out to be. I mean I can see resemblances but I don’t see how it’s Hamlet in Disney form. Well ok I lied. I can see how it’s Hamlet in Disney form but I don’t see how they are exactly alike.
Hamlet was interesting. I liked it more than I thought I would surprisingly. But I am still not a fan.
So we got the story line of the King getting killed by his brother, Claudius, then taking over the thrown and marrying his sister-in-law, Gertrude. Hamlet, son of Gertrude and now step son/ nephew to Claudius is a little mad about what is going on. He is like dude you married my mom two months after my dad died. You are twisted and something is not right with this. Well when Hamlet is told about this ghost of his father appearing he gets kinda excited. I mean who wouldn’t be excited to see your father again after he died? So Hamlet and the guards and his good friend Horatio go out the next night and see this ghost for themselves. And the ghost actually spoke to Hamlet. That’s when he finds out that his father was murdered by Claudius and he is to take revenge on Claudius but not his mother. Well he keeps being a little sad and depressed man running around the castle not knowing really what to do. And then you have the Ophellia and Hamlet romance going on behind all this. Hamlet is in love with Ophellia or we think he is and then Ophellia is in love with Hamlet and we know that because she is like a typical girl who likes a boy and just swoons over him when she sees him. But with all this stuff going on with Hamlet and the revenge stuff Hamlet pretty much tells Ophellia that she is a whore and needs to go jump off a cliff. Those not being the exact words, but you understand. Anyways his old friends from college come on in and are called by the King (Claudius) to find out what is bugging Hamlet. So Hamlet knows something is up because the king sent for them to see what is up with him. And he kinda uses his weird metaphors and just confuses them even more. Well the travelling actors come to town and put on a play for the royal court and Hamlet is like hey I got an idea. I’ll have the actors act out how my father was killed and if Claudius gets upset during it I will know for sure he is guilty. And of course the actors act the scene out and it throws Claudius into a tizzy and he’s all oh no Hamlet knows! That’s when the King decides to send Hamlet to England and sends letters with to make sure Hamlet is killed. Well instead of those letters being opened, they open letters saying kill Rosencrantz and Guildenstern that Hamlet wrote because he had a suspicion of what was really going on. So Hamlet comes back and Claudius already has a new plan with Laretteze to kill Hamlet in a fencing match. Which turns out bad because Claudius also tries to poison him with a drink and instead of poisoning Hamlet he poisons the queen and then all this commotion starts and everyone including Hamlet dies.

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